Titanpro Sports Academy @ Modern British School

TitanPro Sports Academy @ Modern British School offers top-notch football facilities for rent, perfect for training sessions, matches, and tournaments. Our state-of-the-art football fields are equipped with high-quality turf and advanced lighting systems, ensuring an optimal playing environment both day and night. Conveniently located at PIS Sharjah, our facilities cater to teams, clubs, and individual players seeking a professional and well-maintained venue. Flexible booking options are available to accommodate various needs, from one-off matches to regular training sessions. Experience the best in football facilities at TitanPro Sports Academy.


CONTACT NUMBER +971 54 515 4888


MON- THUR 05:00 PM TO 01:00 AM
FRIDAY 05:00 PM TO 01:00 AM
SATURDAY 05:00 PM TO 01:00 AM
SATURDAY 05:00 PM TO 01:00 AM

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    Branch Code / Branch Name : 261 / KHALED BIN WALEED STREET

    Lift Your Game with Our Football Academy in UAE

    Welcome to our football academy in UAE, where our mission is to develop young players and mold the next generation of football stars. Our holistic approach to football instruction allows us to provide age- and skill-appropriate tailored programs. Let’s examine the benefits that come with our football coaching in Sharjah, Dubai & Ajman.

    Our Football Coaching in Offers

    We provide specialized coaching programs at our football coaching Sharjah that are catered to various age groups and ability levels. Our all-encompassing method of football instruction guarantees that young players get the direction and encouragement they require to advance their abilities and realize their complete potential. Let’s examine the three stages of our coaching curriculum for football in more detail:

    • Discovery Phase (5-6 yrs Old) 

    The beginning of a child’s football journey is known as the discovery phase. Our main objective at this stage is to teach young players the fundamentals of football in an enjoyable and stimulating setting. Children learn basic abilities including dribbling, passing, and shooting through age-appropriate drills and games. Our skilled coaches put a lot of effort into fostering an environment where kids may learn about the game and develop a love for football at a young age.

    • Foundation Phase (7-9 yrs old)

    Our teaching method shifts when players get to the foundation level, with a greater emphasis on developing a strong technical basis and game comprehension. To prepare players for higher levels of competition, coaches emphasize teamwork, tactical awareness, and skill development. Training sessions are designed to test players’ limits and motivate them to push themselves while promoting team spirit and good sportsmanship.

    • Youth Development Phase (10-16 yrs old)

    Through organized practice sessions and competitive games, athletes continue to hone their abilities and tactical awareness during the youth development phase. Each player receives individualized growth goals, strengths, and areas for progress from our coaching staff in close collaboration with them. Our coaches offer individualized coaching and feedback to help players attain their maximum potential while preparing them for higher levels of competition.

    Reasons Why you should Join our Football Academy in Dubai

    • UEFA Qualified Coaches

    Our team of UEFA-qualified instructors is one of the main draws of our football academy in Dubai. Our teaching team is made up of seasoned experts who have completed demanding certification and training programs. Our trainers provide a great degree of professionalism and attention to every training session thanks to their abundance of experience and knowledge. They are dedicated to the growth and development of players, emphasizing the development of talent, the honing of skills, and the realization of potential. Our UEFA-qualified coaches offer tailored teaching and advice to help your child realize their maximum potential on the pitch, regardless of their skill level.

    • U6-U17

    Players of all ages, from under 6 to under 17, are catered to in our football program. We are committed to provide football coaching programs that are accessible, inclusive, and meet the needs of each and every young player. We offer a program tailored to your child’s age and skill level, whether they are just beginning football or want to advance their game. At every phase of a player’s development, our coaching curriculum is developed to foster skill development, tactical awareness, and personal development. We make sure that every player gets the assistance and direction they require to succeed in the sport by providing age-appropriate training sessions and specialized coaching techniques.

    • Leagues and Tournaments

    Being involved in competitions and tournaments is essential to our football academy. We provide players the chance to put their abilities to the test and compete in a competitive setting against other teams. Playing competitively provides great learning opportunities on the field and supports the growth of resilience, sportsmanship, and character. Our football academy instills valuable life skills that go beyond the game by promoting collaboration, discipline, and determination. Our players receive unique experiences that aid in their complete development as athletes and people, whether they are competing in regional leagues or worldwide competitions.

    Titan Pro Sports Academy: One of the Bests Football Academy in Sharjah

    Being among the best football academies in Sharjah is something we at Titan Pro Sports Academy take great pride in. With a dedication to quality and a love for the game, we work to give young athletes the resources they require to be successful both on and off the field. Come along with us at Titan Pro sports academy as we set off on an exciting path of both personal and football development.